Corporate Training

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Why Invest in Training?

Businesses that train and develop their workforce see:

  • Improved Recruitment
  • Higher Retention
  • Better Output

In addition, customized training allows you to target the specific skills you need for your unique business needs, providing the highest possible return on investment.

Not sure where to start?

Swiss Hills Adult Education’s team of industry experts will assist your business in identifying training needs by looking at the skill level of current employees, identifying skills and knowledge gaps, and planning the necessary training. From there, we will customize training with curriculum specific to your equipment, business process, and product requirements.

High-quality training is developed quickly and:

  • Scheduled around production.
  • Delivered at your location or ours, with remote training available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Aligned to your business goals.

For more information, contact Mark Romick740.472.0722.